[cfe-dev] [LLVMdev] Ninja build available for Visual Studio users

Nikola Smiljanic popizdeh at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 04:28:30 PDT 2012

I have a slightly off topic problem that is related to VS and CMake and
this seems like a good time to ask for some help.

VS keeps complaining that some projects are out of date every time I start
a debugging session.

I checkout llvm and clang
I run cmake -G Visual Studio 2010
I build all projects from the solution
I mark clang as the startup project

After I hit F5 I'm presented with a list of projects that
are supposedly out of date.

I know that this problem is usually about cyclic dependencies or file time
stamps that have changed (pre or post compile steps). I wrote a small
python script to check for cycles but couldn't find any. I couldn't check
my time stamp assumption since CMake is mostly magic to me :)

I've talked to Francois about this and he says that he never had this
problem. I even tried installing XP under VM to have a fresh start but the
same thing happens.

On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 11:34 PM, David Cole <david.cole at kitware.com> wrote:

> Today was the first day that our Windows CMake dashboard using the Ninja
> generator had all of its tests passing. So.... I just committed code to
> CMake to turn on the Ninja generator by default in Windows builds of CMake.
> http://cmake.org/gitweb?p=cmake.git;a=commitdiff;h=2077e98753a505490d16cba42af0e0cae04f2c36
> The upcoming 2.8.9 release of CMake should have these recent changes in
> them to make it easy to build CMake based projects with ninja.
> Thanks,
> David Cole
> Kitware, Inc.
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