[cfe-dev] CompilationDatabase support added to libclang and python binding

Arnaud de Grandmaison arnaud.allarddegrandmaison at parrot.com
Tue Jun 12 00:28:50 PDT 2012

Hi Manuel and Gregory,

Here are the patches for a second round of review. I took into account
most of
your suggestions, if not all.

Here are the changes with respect to the previous set of patches.

Regarding cindex:
 - Index.h : declaration order changed to be more reader friendly
 - CompilationDb moved to CompilationDatabase
 - the clang_tooling_ prefix is kept for now, expressing this
functionality comes
   from a different module. We may want to move it into another header
then Index.h
   to even better express this. Which name should it have ? Tooling.h is
   in use. Beside the logical isolation, do we want a physical one, i.e.
have a
   separate library for tooling C interface ?
 - the naming convention is now using consistently
 - i have not yet added the other available ways of loading a database.
This can
   probably be done later on, on demand
 - i have not yet added higher level helpers like
   clang_tooling_CompileCommand_getCmdLine. This should come latter,
   on actual needs and uses.

Regarding the python binding:
 - space added after comma for the arguments of function calls
 - method summary now on one line, when it is small enough to fit in 80
 - properties name have been changed to noun
 - yield used instead of iterator for CompileCommand
 - CompileCommands is no longer a hidden object.
 - CompilationDb moved to CompilationDatabase
 - from_result method used for checking CompilationDatabase &
 - test_cdb.py : comparisons are now done using lists


Arnaud de Grandmaison

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