[cfe-dev] Paris LLVM Meetup 26. June at IRILL (with clang bug squashing)

Tobias Grosser tobias at grosser.es
Fri Jun 8 06:09:29 PDT 2012

On Tuesday, 26. June, an LLVM Meetup will take place in Paris. We invite 
everybody interested in LLVM to join.

o What is LLVM?

LLVM is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain 
technologies. It is used as the base of many modern compilers such as
clang (C/C++/Objective-C), GHC (Haskell), dragonegg (Ada, Fortran, ...),
several commercial OpenCL compilers or RenderScript. Industry, open 
source community and researchers work on or with LLVM for many reasons. 
The most cited ones are the modern code base, the liberal BSD like 
license and the modularity.

Around LLVM a large ecosystem was built that includes subprojects like
dragonegg, vmkit, Polly, libc++, safecode and many more.

o What is the LLVM Meetup and Bug Squashing?

It is a casual meetup to get to know people working on LLVM or 
interested to learn about LLVM. There is no fixed schedule. We just meet 
to get to know each other and to discuss. No previous knowledge about 
LLVM is required.

This time we meet at IRILL, where we will have plenty of tables, 
whiteboards and internet.  We plan to use this opportunity to dive into 
the code and to have a "Debian clang bug squashing meeting". You are 
invited to bring your laptop to join us (and we are happy to help with 
any LLVM related hacking).

o Where/When is it?

Date:       26. June 2012
Time:       19:00 pm
Location:   IRILL
Address:    23, avenue d'Italie,75013 Paris, France
Access:     http://www.irill.org/about/access
Entering:   You can access with us at 19:00. For people who come later,
             there will be a cell phone number at the door which you can
             call to enter.

o Do people speak English or French?

Most people attending speak both languages. It will be easy for you to
communicate in your preferred language.

o Do I need to register?

No, but, if you drop us an email at llvm-social-paris at grosser.es, we can 
better estimate the number of people.

Looking forward to meet you

Arnaud de Grandmaison
Duncan Sands
Sylvestre Ledru
Tobias Grosser

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