[cfe-dev] Issue with cross compiling

Joerg Sonnenberger joerg at britannica.bec.de
Fri Jun 1 12:21:39 PDT 2012

On Fri, Jun 01, 2012 at 12:54:57PM -0600, ryan baird wrote:
> I trid to run clang with the following arguments, which I was previously
> using on a machine that already had the llvm environment:
>  clang -v
> -I/home/ryan/llvm/src/R31/final/projects/compiler-rt/SDKs/linux/usr/include
> -mfloat-abi=hard -ccc-host-triple mipsel-unknown-linux -ccc-clang-archs
> mipsel -S -emit-llvm $1 -o "$NAME.ll"

Try using --sysroot /home/ryan/llvm/src/R31/final/projects/compiler-rt/SDKs/linux


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