[cfe-dev] New warning for mismatched include case

Lars Viklund zao at acc.umu.se
Tue Jul 31 04:16:27 PDT 2012

On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 10:17:25AM -0700, Jordan Rose wrote:
> >> and on case-sensitive filesystems?
> > 
> > Out of curiosity: how do you detect FS case-sensitiveness?
> Without writing to a file, or requesting a file with known incorrect
> case and then checking the inode, I have no idea. ;-) But we'd only
> have to do that once, and as I read the patch now we'd be doing it on
> every user include even if the filesystem is case-sensitive.

Don't forget that the case sensitiveness of NTFS is configurable, and
that there may exist third party filesystems and network filesystems
with their own particular case affinity.

It's not always restricted to Windows either, I ran into case problems
with VirtualBox's vboxsf driver from Linux, where Git assumed that as it
was on Linux, it could expect case sensitivity.

Lars Viklund | zao at acc.umu.se

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