[cfe-dev] TreeTransform on functions, VarDecl not being transformed?

Sharlet, Dillon dillon.sharlet at intel.com
Mon Jul 23 10:33:58 PDT 2012


I am attempting to use TreeTransform to copy a function, with some modifications to the function calls within that function. I have that part of the transformation working by implementing TransformDecl. However, I am trying to solve an issue where it does not appear that TreeTransform is transforming VarDecls in the old function to the new function. When I try to use a local variable in a function using my TreeTransform, I get the following error (paraphrased):

error: reference to local variable 'x' declared in enclosing function 'f'

note: 'x' declared here ...

where 'x' is a local variable in a function 'f' that I'm using my transform on.

My TransformDecl checks if the Decl is the original function decl, and if so, maps it to the new function decl.

I can fix this by creating copies of every VarDecl (in the new function) in TransformDecl, but I would prefer to use the existing functionality. Copying VarDecls without losing information is non-trivial, and I worry that there are other elements of the AST that will have the same problem.

Surely there is a way to have TreeTransform handle this situation already?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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