[cfe-dev] libc++abi on linux

"C. Bergström" cbergstrom at pathscale.com
Tue Jul 10 05:26:55 PDT 2012

On 07/10/12 01:31 PM, Richard Smith wrote:
> I've built a toolchain using libunwind, libc++abi, libc++, and Clang, 
> with no libstdc++ and no libgcc_s. It's rough around the edges, but it 
> can be made to work. I've not tried replacing libgcc with compiler-rt, 
> and it's still depending on gcc for crt*.o, but other than those 
> pieces, it doesn't depend on a gcc installation.
crt*.o can be found here

Jörg wrote them and there's also the same thing being used in the NetBSD 
tree iirc.

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