[cfe-dev] libc++abi on linux

Ashok Nalkund ashoknn at qualcomm.com
Mon Jul 9 00:23:32 PDT 2012

On 7/8/2012 11:12 PM, Ben Pope wrote:
>> Would there be a recommendation on the different pieces (specifically
>> ABI and the unwind libraries)?
> This is the crux of my question, really.  Since libc++abi has all the
> boxes ticked for linux: http://libcxxabi.llvm.org/spec.html it's easy to
> assume that there are no more pieces to the puzzle.  I'm sure Howard
> didn't do the work just for the challenge itself.

That was another reason for choosing libc++abi, it wasnt lacking 
anything in terms of features.

> It's frustrating, because I have managed to get it to work for a
> small-ish project with quite a few dependencies (but subsequently broken
> it), but I'm not sure if what I did to get it to work is likely to
> continue to work with newer versions.

I can post my steps to build clang with g++ and libc++ and use it to 
compile other code. As I said earlier, compiling my code with 
clang/libc++ uses libstdc++ for ABI and unwind pieces (which I'm trying 
to remove). Even though your goal is different form mine, having a 
self-contained set of instructions to compile and use clang/libc++ will 
be helpful in general.


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