[cfe-dev] Parsing and rewriting ObjC

Tayyab Akram mail.tayyab at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 11:25:14 PST 2012

Dear all,

I need some help/advice regarding Clang. My requirement is to do
source-to-source transformation. I have to parse Objective C code and build
AST and then modify AST (insert, delete or modify AST nodes) and generate
finally output custom code having different semantics and syntax (not
Objective C). I do not require to generate IR or binary code. Can someone
please confirm following understandings,

1. I can parse ObjC code using Clang and then write my Visitor class by
extending ASTConsumer to transform the AST and finally I will implement a
CustomRewriter to generate the output in my custom format.

2. I have need to parse ObjC code on Windows operating system and I don't
have Mac OS X header files. So if I use
"SetSuppressIncludeNotFoundError(true);" option on "clang::Preprocessor"
instance then I can ignore the missing header files and generate AST for
available ObjC code only. Please confirm if it is possible and AST will be

3. If point-2 mentioned above is not possible then can I generate
pre-compiled headers (pch file) on Max OS X and then generate proper AST
tree on windows by providing pch file?

Any other suggestion or help will be highly appreciated.

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