[cfe-dev] Analyzer discrepancy with __builtin_alloca

austin seipp as at hacks.yi.org
Fri Jan 6 14:38:44 PST 2012


I was working on adding alloca/valloc checks (as well as a small
cleanup) to UnixAPIChecker following the recent changes to detect
zero-sized allocations in calloc/realloc (SVN r147500,) when I noticed
a strange issue when attempting to identify calls to __builtin_alloca.

'alloca' seems to dissolve to __builtin_alloca via a CPP #define on OS
X, so for the check to work and be 'complete' it needs to identify
both names. However, it seems as if the checker callback -
checkPreStmt on a CallExpr - is not invoked for calls to
__builtin_alloca, but it does work just dandy in the case of say,
__builtin_expect. So presumably I'm missing something important and
it's expected behavior, or this is a bug I guess.

A little more concrete: I amended ./test/Analysis/unix-fns.c to
contain calls for alloca - with a prototyped definition so there
aren't complaints about implicit declarations - *and* calls to
__builtin_alloca, both of which should trigger a 0-sized allocation
warning. I also modified UnixAPIChecker to dump the name of every
callee it comes across, or dump some trivial output if it skips the
call due to getCalleeName returning an empty StringRef.

The results look like this on my machine:

$ /Users/a/code/llvm-build/Debug+Asserts/bin/clang -cc1
-triple x86_64-apple-darwin10 -analyze
-analyzer-store=region -fblocks -verify
fname = open
fname = open
fname = close
fname = open
fname = __builtin_expect
fname = dispatch_once
fname = __builtin_expect
fname = dispatch_once
fname = pthread_once
fname = pthread_once
fname = malloc
fname = malloc
fname = calloc
fname = calloc
fname = calloc
fname = realloc
fname = realloc
fname = alloca
fname = alloca
fname = valloc
fname = valloc

The calls to __builtin_alloca should effectively appear in the same
spot as the 'alloca' calls, but they clearly aren't. There also isn't
any 'no name' output indicating the call was skipped as a result of an
empty StringRef from getCalleeName. So it seems as if checkPreStmt for
a CallExpr completely skips over __builtin_alloca. The calls do appear
in a dump of the CFG as you would likely expect.

Is __builtin_alloca handled specially in the analyzer somewhere, and
thus I'm missing something? If it is and this is unavoidable, I'll
just back out those changes and send a patch containing the valloc
addition as well as the small cleanup if they're worth it. But I don't
see off hand why it can't work for alloca as well, so I thought I'd


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