[cfe-dev] Issue count discrepancy in scan-build for Objective-C

jahanian fjahanian at apple.com
Tue Jan 3 16:40:09 PST 2012

On Jan 3, 2012, at 4:22 PM, Jason Leach wrote:

> Hi Ted,
> Good idea for a test. It actually finds more issues so Xcode clearly knows how to run the tool better than me. I notice that with the command line execution I see some issues that make me think it is using the old (not modern) runtime:
> Example:
> error: synthesized property 'persistentStoreCoordinator' must either be named the same as a compatible ivar or must explicitly name an ivar
> @synthesize persistentStoreCoordinator;

You may want to check the compiler setting. Since modern runtime is the default, you may be compiling for the 32-bit architecture (-arch i386) which
uses the old runtime.

- fariborz

>             ^
> 5 errors generated.
> Any tips on troubleshooting would be appreciated.
> J.

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