[cfe-dev] Chrome/mac is all-clang, all-the-time

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Mon Oct 31 12:16:25 PDT 2011

31.10.2011, 22:46, "Miles Bader" <miles at gnu.org>:
> "Marc J. Driftmeyer" <mjd at reanimality.com>
> writes:
>>  I'll be pushing for GNOME to move more of it's infrastructure to
>>  LLVM/Clang as well.
> But why would they?  What's in it for them?
> Seriously, on the mac, it makes sense, as gcc is hamstrung by Apple's
> policies there, and systems like FreeBSD where it serves a political
> purpose are happy to do it -- but that isn't the case elsewhere, and
> clang currently really doesn't offer much practical advantage for the
> user.

But it surely does for developer.


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