[cfe-dev] Release Notes: Volunteers needed

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Has there been much thought of attempting to automate this process?  I could
imagine a fairly standard script that scrubbed a history for interesting
tidbits.  Of course a standard methodology for labeling types of commits
would help this in the future.

A very simple script could at least do unique word counts and throw out
words that match a dictionary (like parts of speech, contributer names,
etc.).  A more complex script could retain "links" back to the commits that
contained certain words in case you wanted more information.

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> We need some volunteers to help with the 3.0 release notes. Traditionally,
> Chris has been the one to go through all the commits (6 months worth!) and
> come up with a concrete list of things that have changed in 3.0. Ideally,
> its much better if this document is incrementally updated as well, but we
> know how that goes. This is a huge amount of work and with the pace that
> LLVM/Clang are being developed, its a big task and becoming too much for one
> person.
> We need some volunteers from both the Clang and LLVM communities to help
> with the release notes. This would involve going through the commits (on
> both LLVM and Clang side) and coming up with the list of features/important
> changes. Please send mail to me if you are interested in helping. The time
> frame for this would be end of Phase 2 testing (November 6th). Chris would
> of course be helping review this and give suggestions on how to go about
> this task. It may be also worthwhile to start a separate Clang release
> notes..
> Thanks,
> Tanya
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