[cfe-dev] How to query "multi-declarator auto" support?

Michel Morin mimomorin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 15:42:10 PDT 2011

Douglas Gregor wrote:
> cxx_auto_type indicates support for both auto and multi-declarator auto (they were implemented at the same time in Clang).

Thanks for answering!

> Are you planning to update Boost's Clang configuration? That would be wonderful.

Yep :)
But, before completing a patch, I'd like to make some questions

* Does __has_feature(cxx_deleted_functions) mean that *defaulted* function
  is supported?
* Does __has_feature(cxx_generalized_initializers) mean that we can safely
  write `#include <initializer_list>` even with a C++03 standard library?
* How to query the support of char16_t and char32_t?
* How to query the support of C++11 decltype (N3276)?


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