[cfe-dev] unit tests for Clang TDD

David Kristola kristol1 at illinois.edu
Sat Oct 15 00:34:47 PDT 2011

I am working on some new static analysis capabilities for a class 
project (new for C/C++, derived from an existing Java tool).  While 
making a contribution to the Clang code base isn't required for the 
class, it is a goal.

Now that I have a copy of LLVM and Clang source code downloaded, 
compiled, and the regression test suite running, i am looking at how to 
set up my own tests.  When the documentation used the term "regression" 
for the test suite, it was accurate.  The test suite is a nice 
integration-level set of tests.

But what about unit-level tests?  Did i miss something in the 
documentation or directory tree?  Is there a preferred unit test 
framework?  I don't want to start coding until i have a failing unit 
test in place.

Thank you for your time,
David Kristola

--djk, keeper of arcane lore&  trivial fluff
This missive uses 100% recycled electrons.

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