[cfe-dev] How to control C++0x adoption in a large codebase?

Miles Bader miles at gnu.org
Thu Oct 13 23:10:54 PDT 2011

Chandler Carruth <chandlerc at google.com>
>> Summarizing side discussion: libstdc++ has a different ABI in C++98 vs. in
>> C++11, libc++ does not.
> Just to clarify why I think this is relevant even though libc++
> avoided the problem: I would like to preserve the ability to use
> Clang productively in C++11 mode with libstdc++; doing so appears to
> require a codebase-wide switch due to ABIs.
>> And you can't tell libstdc++ to use the C++0x ABI even in C++98 mode?
> I'll let Jeffrey comment here, but I believe we looked into this and it was
> very non-trivial... I'd be interested in his thoughts here.

FWIW, there's been some discussion of this ABI-incompatibility
recently on the gcc development mailing, although AFAIK, it's more a
libstdc++ issue.

See:  http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc/2011-10/msg00113.html
("Long-term plan for C++98/C++11 incompatibility")


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