[cfe-dev] Reminder: LLVM 3.0 Branching Friday!

Bill Wendling wendling at apple.com
Thu Oct 13 13:29:47 PDT 2011

This is just a reminder to say that we will be branching for the LLVM 3.0 release Friday!

	07:00:00 p.m. Friday October 14, 2011 PDT
	02:00:00 a.m. Saturday October 15, 2011 GMT

Now is the time to look at the buildbots and see what fixes they need:


As of this writing, we have:

• several test failures on llvm-gcc self-host:


• a miscompile in one of the llvm-gcc testers:


Comparing stages 2 and 3
warning: ./cc1plus-checksum.o differs
Bootstrap comparison failure!
./cp/pt.o differs

• many test failures on mingw32:


Please take some time to look at these and determine if they are real problems or can be ignored. Having the buildbots green at the time we branch is the main goal! :-)

Pay close attention to buildbot failures! If you check-in something and one of the buildbots breaks, please either fix is quickly or revert the patch until a fix can be submitted.

With your help, we will have a very smooth 3.0 release.

Thank you!

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