[cfe-dev] Adding more analysis algorithms to Clang?

Guoping Long longguoping at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 14:40:12 PDT 2011


   There are some program analysis algorithms in clang/lib/Analysis
directory. I am wandering if there are more algorithms to come or not. Are
there some people working on this? What kind of algorithms are welcome to be
part of Clang?

   I am asking this because I want to help on this part. But I am not sure
if source-to-source transformation algorithms are welcome in this community,
since many optimization work is done in the LLVM backend. Currently I have
implemented to CFG analysis algorithms (building the dominance tree and
finding the strong connected components in CFG). I plan to implement more
data flow analysis or even pointer analysis algorithms. If these algorithms
are useful to people in this community, I would love to submit a patch.

  I am new to Clang and this community. Hopefully these questions are not
naive to you.

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