[cfe-dev] Changing the way Clang's driver computes the library search paths on Linux

Chandler Carruth chandlerc at google.com
Sun Oct 2 01:54:15 PDT 2011

Hello folks,

I'd like to change the way that Clang's driver computes the library search
paths on Linux. The current system is very ad-hoc, and does not match the
reality of what GCC does. As Clang's driver strives for GCC compatibility,
I'd like to address this by modeling the GCC behavior is closely as
possible. I have attached a patch which does exactly this. To the best of my
ability to test a trunk-built GCC through manipulating a fake filesystem's
directory structure, this patch will make Clang search the same set of
directories as GCC would. It also simplifies the logic significantly, and
makes it less brittle in its assumptions about the underlying filesystem

Unless I hear objections, I plan to commit this as it in every way I can
test it makes Clang's driver strictly more compatible with GCC, and makes it
possible to fix several bugs when using Clang as part of a multilib
cross-compiling toolchain. If there are specific distros which need special
behavior, we should add that predicated on the distribution.

Rafael, I CC-ed you because I know you've worked hard on this before, and
may have a large number of distributions installed on VMs. If you can test
Clang with this patch (or after I commit it) and report places where the
behavior doesn't match GCC's that would be very helpful.
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