[cfe-dev] Building Clang on MinGW

Matthieu Monrocq matthieu.monrocq at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 03:05:51 PST 2011

Hi Takumi,

You were right, the issue was Perl. I had (naively) downloaded Strawberry
Perl instead of the msys-perl package.

> I have now downloaded the msys-perl package
> I have reviewed my PATH and made it as minimal I could

I have another problem now:

make[2]: Leaving directory `/d/llvm-build/tools/llvm-config`
llvm-config: unknown component name: bitreader
make[2]: Entering directory `/d/llvm-build/tools/opt`
/d/lvlm/Makefiles.rules:941: *** llvm-config --libs failed.   Stop.

This corresponds to this command in the Makefile:

LLVMConfigLibs := $(shell $(LLVM_CONFIG) --libs $(LINK_COMPONENTS) || echo

Apparently $(LLVM_CONFIG) is /d/llvm-build/tools/llvm-config so I don't
really understand how it is supposed to be executable.

I joined the Makefile.config and config.log files this time. The version of
perl is correctly detected, though it does not seem to be an issue any

Thanks for assisting,

2011/2/27 NAKAMURA Takumi <geek4civic at gmail.com>

> Matthieu,
> Please make sure;
>  - You are using "MSYS" and working on "MSYS bash shell".
>    (It seems you would be right)
>  - Your msys has "perl"
>    $ type perl
>    perl is /bin/perl
>    (msys-unaware perl distros (eg. activeperl) will not work for you)
>  - Make sure you are using mingw32's gcc and mingw32's binutils (nm etc)
>    $ type gcc
>    gcc is /mingw/bin/gcc
>    $ type nm
>    nm is /mingw/bin/nm
> If you did not build anyways. please show us; "config.log" and
> "Makefile.config".
> ...Takumi
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