[cfe-dev] Building Clang on MinGW

Kevin Kelley kevin at kelleysoft.com
Sat Feb 26 13:16:07 PST 2011

> I've properly installed MinGW, and I've followed the instructions at:
> http://clang.llvm.org/get_started.html
> I decided to begin simple, using `make` instead of `cmake`, but it fails:
> >> make[1]: Entering directory `/d/llvm-build/tools/llvm-config`
> >> llvm[1]: Regenerating LibDeps.txt.tmp
> >> 'd:' n'est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne ou externe, un 
> programme executable ou un fichier de commandes.
> >> nm failed at d:/llvm/utils/GenLibDeps.pl line 230.

Pretty sure you've got something in your path that you shouldn't.  At 
various times different versions of the unix-standard utilities like 
perl and sed and such have been built with different configurations of 
shared dlls, so your failure mode is path-oriented -- in more than one 
sense.  :-)

Make sure that you've got a current MinGW, current msys binutils, and 
current perl, and nothing else in your path, and try again.

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