[cfe-dev] Building clang outside of LLVM (with CMake)

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Mon Feb 21 12:46:07 PST 2011

Chris Pick <llvm at chrispick.com> writes:

>> Every new supported build setup introduces a large cost on terms of
>> maintenance. Sorry, but I don't think that your case justifies that
>> work.


> I'm certainly not expecting my use-case to be officially supported or
> maintined, I'm happy to provide patches if it stops working in the
> future.

Do you realize that I must test those patches before committing just in
case they break the usual build setup(s), right? Very minimal testing
requires at least 20 minutes.

But why don't just create a symlink to clang under $LLVM_ROOT/tools ?

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