[cfe-dev] C++ analysis vs C analysis

Jean Baptiste LE STANG jb.lestang at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 07:57:11 PST 2011


I'm trying to use LLVM & scan-build (clang 2.8, checker-255) to
achieve a static analysis of  a C++ program to detect potential bugs.
Before doing it on my real program, I've been trying to make it work
on a simple program :

int main(int argc, char * argv[] , char * arge[]){
        int i;
        if (i<5){
                i = 50;
        return i;

First case as a C program : scan-build -k -V -v gcc main.c

ANALYZE: main.c main
main.c:4:14: warning: The left operand of '<' is a garbage value
        if (i<5){

Second case as a C++ program :  scan-build -k -V -v g++ main.cpp and
i'm missing the previous error detected in scenario 1

Should I consider this as an expected behaviour(ie a missing features
in the C++ analysis), or as a bug. I've tried to find in the
documentation what is currently available for C++ but I've not been
able to find anything. Can someone point me in the right direction?


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