[cfe-dev] [OpenCL patch] support for __builtin_astype, __builtin_convert, __builtin_vec_step

Tanya Lattner lattner at apple.com
Thu Feb 17 18:07:37 PST 2011

I realize there is already some patches to the mailing list regarding vecstep, astype, etc. I realize some discussion will need to be had to determine which is the right approach. I need to get caught up on the emails, but thought I would send this patch to the list first.

The attached patch adds support for builtins for astype, convert, and vec_step. I chose to group these together because they require very similar code modifications. I've included test cases for each.

Please consult the OpenCL spec for a full description but here is a brief summary of each:

__builtin_astype(): Used to reinterpreted as another data type of the same size using for both scalar and vector data types.
__builtin_vec_step(): The vec_step built-in function takes a built-in scalar or vector data type argument and returns an integer value representing the number of elements in the scalar or vector.
__builtin_convert(): provides a way to perform scalar and vector conversions with rounding and saturation.

Please review.

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