[cfe-dev] TreeTransform question

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Thu Feb 17 00:32:52 PST 2011

I'm working on making the new labeldecl stuff instantiate properly with TreeTransform (fixing some attributes related stuff along the way) and am running into a stumbling block.

I have LabelStmt doing:

+  Decl *LD = getDerived().TransformDefinition(S->getDecl()->getLocation(),
+                                              S->getDecl());
+  if (!LD)
+    return StmtError();

which seems to work, and uses of labels (like goto) do this:

 TreeTransform<Derived>::TransformGotoStmt(GotoStmt *S) {
+  Decl *LD = getDerived().TransformDecl(S->getLabel()->getLocation(),
+                                        S->getLabel());
+  if (!LD)
+    return StmtError();

The problem is that cases where the label is used before it is defined explodes tree transform with:

Assertion failed: (D->isInvalidDecl() && "declaration was not instantiated in this scope!"), function findInstantiationOf, file SemaTemplateInstantiate.cpp, line 2206.

What is the right level to instantiate the label decl?  It seems that I could just make TransformDecl do the instantiation... is this the best place to do it?

This is my patch in progress, mostly for my own benefit when I get to work tomorrow, but also perhaps useful:


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