[cfe-dev] gcc 4.2.1 xmmintrin.h vs clang's xxmintrin.h

Amit Kulkarni amitkulz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 13:25:59 PST 2011


I am compiling a program which uses '__builtin_ia32_cmpgtps' and
'__builtin_ia32_cmpeqps'. I find that they are SSE extensions.
Now the header file for OpenBSD's gcc 4.2.1 /usr/include/xmmintrin.h
has a mention of those two instructions. But the header file for clang
/usr/local/lib/clang/2.9/include/xmmintrin.h doesn't have any mention
of this? Compiling C++ programs is picking up clang's header vs gcc

looking at http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/pipermail/cfe-commits/Week-of-Mon-20080929/007949.html,
it used to be present in clang, now where is it disappeared to?


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