[cfe-dev] Compiler arguments for clang_parseTranslationUnit

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Tue Feb 15 12:52:10 PST 2011

Where can I find detailed information about the accepted options for the 
"command_line_args" parameter of the clang_parseTranslationUnit function ?

In particular, it appears that by default this function picks up flags 
(include search paths, macros) from the system compiler installed on my 
platform (Fedora 14). How can I override that ? For example, may I 
invoke this function to use flags for a non-system compiler ? (I'm in 
particular interested into a variety of cross-compilers I have installed.)

Also, how can I choose the language and language flags to be used for 
lexing and parsing ("C", "C99", "C++", etc.) ?



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