[cfe-dev] Source code cross reference tool based on libclang

Stefan Seefeld stefan.seefeld at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 14:31:58 PST 2011

On 2011-02-07 17:08, Alek Paunov wrote:
> Hi Ehsan, Stefan,
>> We're thinking about building a web-based source code cross reference tool
>> based on libclang, which uses type information, call graphs, etc.  So before
> I also think in that direction. Which DB you mean? Niko dumps to sqlite.
> I think about Sleepycat Berkeley dbxml. Actually in my dreams, all
> internal representations in Clang and LLVM can be stored and loaded from
> the DB (and besides visualization and queries, it is also possible to
> research/develop transformation passes using xquery, before the real C++
> implementation).
> @Stefan: Which DB uses Synopsys?

Hi Alek,

please note I'm talking about Synopsis, not Synopsys. The latter is an 
entirely different thing.
Synopsis right now isn't using a database at all. The SXR server would 
simply load data from a Python pickle. That just means the tool hasn't 
yet been used with projects where size or lookup time was an issue. If 
it becomes, we can certainly migrate to a real database backend with 
indexing capabilities.



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