[cfe-dev] New C++0x feature support in Clang

John Bytheway jbytheway+llvm at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 14:57:19 PST 2011

On 04/02/11 22:03, John Bytheway wrote:
> On 03/02/11 23:16, Douglas Gregor wrote:
>> On Feb 3, 2011, at 3:07 PM, John Bytheway wrote:
>>> clang: SemaCXXCast.cpp:612: TryCastResult TryStaticCast(clang::Sema&,
>>> clang::Expr*&, clang::QualType, bool, const clang::SourceRange&,
>>> unsigned int&, clang::CastKind&, clang::CXXCastPath&): Assertion
>>> `SrcType->getAs<EnumType>()->getDecl()->isScoped()' failed.
>> Can you identify the problematic code here and file a bug?
> I'll have a go now.



...and you get a freebie too; a different assertion failure reduced from
the same code:


Looking forward to being able to compile my C++0x projects with clang!


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