[cfe-dev] Define new pragma in Clang

Alexandra xinfinity_a at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 29 01:26:50 PST 2010

Daniel Dunbar <daniel at ...> writes:

> Hi Alexandra,
> Its hard for me to know the problem without seeing the patch/crash. It
> looks like clang is crashing when it tries to index into a SmallVector
> out-of-bounds. I suggest you run clang in a debugger and see what code
> is doing this, which will probably give a clue as to the problem.
>  - Daniel

It seems that the problem is in the file Metadata.cpp in 
void MetadataContextImpl::
getMDs(const Instruction *Inst, SmallVectorImpl<MDPairTy> &MDs) const {


 // MD kinds are numbered from 1.
 MDs[MI->first - 1] = std::make_pair(MI->first, MI->second);


Since the instruction has metadata attached, but the value of the MD kind is 2.
The metadata with MD kind equal to 1 was attached to a previous instruction.
Taking care of the index of  MDs[MI->first - 1] solves the problem. 

I used an int idx = 0 and  MDs[idx++] = std::make_pair(MI->first, MI->second);

I hope this is correct.


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