[cfe-dev] Correlating clang::CFGs with LLVM-CFGs

philipp.legrum at daimler.com philipp.legrum at daimler.com
Thu Jan 28 02:49:04 PST 2010

Hello LLVM-Developers,

I'd like to write a program slicer that operates on LLVM-CFGs. The result, 
however,  should be displayed to code reviewers in a CFG that is close to 
the C source code. The Graphviz output of clang::CFG is already pretty 
close to what I intend to do.

Obviously, debug-info helps me to determine the origin of 
LLVM-instructions within the source code.
So I am wondering now, if there is an (more) elegant way to correlate 
unoptimized LLVM-basic blocks (and the instructions contained by them) 
with the nodes of clang::CFGs (and the statements contained by those). 
Initially it would be ok to run the slicer on unoptimized code because I 
suspect optimization to complicate the correlation.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Kind regards,
Philipp Legrum

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