[cfe-dev] Generating printf format specifiers

Dave Keck davekeck at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 10:35:40 PST 2010

Hey list,

As an C/Obj-C developer, I've often thought that it would be useful to be
able to do this:

   NSString *username = NSUserName();
   uid_t userID = 5;
   NSLog(@"Hello, " __nsfmt__(username) @"! This is your user id: "
__nsfmt__(userID), username, userID);

I imagine __nsfmt__ would work similarly to __typeof__, but rather than
substituting the type, the compiler would substitute the most natural printf
format specifier for the given type. There would also be a standard-C
__fmt__ that would generate constant C-strings rather than constant
NSStrings. Is there any reason this doesn't already exist? (Or perhaps I've
overlooked it if it does?)

Not having any experience with compiler implementation, I was hoping someone
could give me a few pointers before I try implementing such a feature?


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