[cfe-dev] ObjectiveC on Windows using the Apple Obj C runtime

Vincent R. forumer at smartmobili.com
Fri Jan 22 07:06:49 PST 2010

On Fri, 22 Jan 2010 09:41:55 -0500, Jim Crafton <jim.crafton at gmail.com>
>> Yes, it depends what you mean by minimal.
>> It should be fine if you don't plan to use Block, Exception, Forwarding
>> , synchronize, etc…
> So are those things part of the Objective C, or just some extension?
> Are you saying exception handling is fundamentally dependent on the
> Foundation kit? Oh well, maybe it's just not worth the bother then.

I am not sure about that but I think he tries to say that using Apple
is not a good option.
I suppose it should be possible to do some simple objective-C by using
compiler and 
GNUStep objc runtime.

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