[cfe-dev] ObjectiveC on Windows using the Apple Obj C runtime

David Chisnall theraven at sucs.org
Thu Jan 21 15:23:25 PST 2010

On 21 Jan 2010, at 23:02, Jean-Daniel Dupas wrote:

> The current Apple's objc runtime is maybe better than the old GNU one, but I don't think it will give you more than the GNU objc2 runtime but troubles.

As the maintainer of the GNU objc2 runtime, please note that it still hasn't yet had an official release and, although I am using it on a daily basis, it may still contain serious bugs (I fixed one just an hour ago) and I reserve the right to break the new ABI in fun and exciting ways at any point between now and the official release (so, until then, make sure you use the latest svn with the latest svn of clang if you use -fobjc-nonfragile-abi).  

That said, more testing is welcome, and please send me bug reports...


-- Sent from my Apple II

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