[cfe-dev] Intrinsic/Custom Function Creation with Pragmas

Prakash Prabhu prakash.prabhu at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 14:37:07 PST 2010


I would like to define some custom pragmas of the following kind, where one
can associate abstract locks with functions/structured code blocks using

Abstract Locks at the function interface level:
#pragma AbstractLock L1
void foo();

Abstract Locks for anonymous code blocks:
#pragma AbstractLock L2
  int tmp;
  tmp = a;
  a = tmp + 1;

Abstract locks could even be parameterized and depend additionally on
variables live at point of specification/function parameters:

// L1 is parameterized by param1 and param2
#pragma AbstractLock L1 param1 param2
void foo(int param1, int param2, int param3);

// L1 is parameterized by x
int x;
x= ...
#pragma AbstractLock L2 x
  int tmp;
  tmp = a;
  a = tmp + 1;

I would like to use clang to pre-process these pragmas, create some kind of
annotation structure in the emitted bit code, for use in the llvm backend
(in one of the opt passes). I was thinking of creating an LLVM intrinsic/Set
of Custom function calls to represent the abstract lock information in the
bit code -- the functions by themselves do not exist and the only purpose of
these calls is to give info to the backend about abstract locks. I looked at
the llvm.annotation intrinsic, but since it uses a global string, I thought
references to variable names (inside the global string) etc may not remain
consistent in wake of front-end refactoring/optimizations. My current plan
is to:

Create a custom Pragma Handler, say, PragmaAbstractLockHandler, that parses
the AbstractLock pragma, and depending on whether the annotation is at the
interface level or inside client code, create calls to the following

-- For annotations at interface level, insert a call to the following
function into a global section:
void __AbstractLockInfoAtInterface(char* functionName, char*
abstractLockName, ...); // the additional parameters are 0/1/2 ...
indicating the positional parameters of original function in question.

-- For annotations at client site, insert call for begin/end of the section
that is being abstractly locked:
void __AbstractLockInfoAtClientSiteBegin(char* abstractLockName, ...); //
the additional parameters are Value* representation of the abstract lock
parameter variables

void __AbstractLockInfoAtClientSiteEnd(char* abstractLockName); // marks the
end of the abstract lock scope

The above functions would be immediately processed in the backend as the
first pass of opt (by creating appropriate data structures in the backend)
and calls will be removed from the bit code -- after creating nonymous
functions for the sections of code marked by abstract locks etc..

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to go about translating
the pragmas to the above functions in clang, or if there might be a better
way to achieve the same with other front-end constructs, that will be great.
How do I create a HandlePragma method that Lexes till the end of the code
section/function declaration, create an Action that adds these functions in
source code ?

Thanks for your time.

- Prakash
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