[cfe-dev] Using clang/LLVM components in conventional apps?

Dallman, John john.dallman at siemens.com
Fri Jun 26 08:24:26 PDT 2009

Sebastian Redl [mailto:sebastian.redl at getdesigned.at] wrote:

> It's simpler, actually. The dylib doesn't contain LLVM bitcode
> it's a perfectly normal machine code object. It should be (according
> the project goals) 100% binary compatible with GCC-compiled code. So
> there should be no compatibility issues at all.

OK. I was under the impression the one of the points of LLVM was that 
it could target the hardware at run-time: some of the examples of how
it's used for OpenGL and so on seem to work that way? 

Presumably here it's just being used as a step along the route from 
source to binary: would clang produce conventional .o files, or 
don't you get ordinary machine code until you link? 


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