[cfe-dev] Issue with designated initializers and vectors

Mattias Holm holm at liacs.nl
Sat Jun 13 02:58:38 PDT 2009

The following code fails in clang:

typedef float __attribute__((vector_size (16))) v4f_t;

typedef union {
     struct {
         float x, y, z, w;
     v4f_t v;
} vector_t;

vector_t foo(v4f_t p)
   vector_t v = {.v = p};
   return v;

europa:test holm$ clang -std=gnu99 -c test.c
test.c:13:22: error: incompatible type initializing 'v4f_t', expected 
   vector_t v = {.v = p};

I might be missing options to make this work, if so what flags should I 
add to clang (I want to support clang in my makefiles for my project as 
an optional compiler). The code builds fine with gcc and the same options.


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