[cfe-dev] Results of the FreeBSD Ports build with CC=clang

Ed Schouten ed at 80386.nl
Mon Jun 1 21:24:06 PDT 2009

* Eli Friedman <eli.friedman at gmail.com> wrote:
> Some of the categories seem off:
> iaxmodem-1.2.0.log is actually failing because we don't implicitly
> define sin/cos/etc.
> cdecl-2.5.log looks like a gnu89 issue.
> ipsec-tools-0.7.2.log and physfs-2.0.0.log are -Werror issues.
> For libbgpdump-, it would be more accurate to say that the
> constant-folder doesn't know how to fold strlen.
> "Label pointers" should really be "__label__" support.

Yeah, I was just testing you people. Thanks! ;-)

 Ed Schouten <ed at 80386.nl>
 WWW: http://80386.nl/
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