[cfe-dev] Unicode update

AlisdairM(public) public at alisdairm.net
Thu Jul 30 16:00:32 PDT 2009

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> On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 1:31 PM,
> AlisdairM(public)<public at alisdairm.net> wrote:
> > Should I require a command line flag to enable Unicode in C99?
> > Or should this be the default?
> For Unicode in comments and strings, I don't see why it we'd need a
> flag.  We might want to copy gcc's -fextended-identifiers option,
> though, because I'm not sure such constructs will actually work
> correctly. gcc generates and binutils accepts assembler constructs
> like "call ιΆ¨", but llvm-gcc doesn't generate ABI-compatible code, and
> I'm not sure what other toolchains do.

Sorry - I was thinking about support for char16_t/char32_t and the new literals from the Unicode TR here, rather than UCNs and extended Unicode characters in source files (which I assumed we should simply always support in C99 mode)

So should I add a command line switch to explicitly enable the Unicode TR?

Should I add an experimental C1x mode to support Unicode and _Static_assert in C?


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