[cfe-dev] Unicode update

AlisdairM(public) public at alisdairm.net
Thu Jul 30 13:31:57 PDT 2009

Just a quick post to update plans to finish my Unicode patches.

I've been missing-in-action with C++ committee work for the last couple of weeks, but plan to resume where I left off next week.

Currently I have a reviewed-patch outstanding to extend support for the broad range of string literals in C++0x.  I'll need to bring that up to spec with the latest branch but should be looking to clear that up on Monday before starting the next steps.

While my own focus is clearly C++, especially C++0x, there seems a reasonable overlap with C in this area so I would like to make sure this is handled well before we freeze for the first Clang release.  So the specific features I think I should focus on are:

i/ UCN support, as required by C99.
ii/ Unicode TR support, which is essentially typedefs for Unicode types and support for their literals.

The Unicode TR has some library requirements as well, but I'm not sure what to do about those.

Should I require a command line flag to enable Unicode in C99?
Or should this be the default?

If a flag is preferred, could someone suggest something appropriate?

Also, are there any other outstanding issues with Unicode, UCN or literal support in C I should be aware of?  While I am in this part of the parser I would prefer to sign off that we are feature complete before moving onto other issues.


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