[cfe-dev] More thoughts on user defined literals

AlisdairM(public) public at alisdairm.net
Wed Jul 8 18:40:44 PDT 2009

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> It probably doesn't matter too much whether the tokens are separate; I
> just think it needs to be resolved in the lexer.  It sounded like you
> were intending to reuse tok::identifier for these suffixes, and that
> sounds like a bad idea.

Oh, sorry.  No, I intended to use tok::identifier as the model to learn from.  This is still early days in the compiler-writing business for me ;¬)  I learn best by adapting existing examples, and am trying to feel my way into the compiler with 'low-touch' features.  The more I can do with literals inside lex without ever touching parse and sema the better!  (for now)


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