[cfe-dev] Confusing comment on LexTokenInternal

Neil Booth neil at daikokuya.co.uk
Wed Jul 8 15:25:21 PDT 2009

AlisdairM(public) wrote:-

> The problem is not that string_literal cannot handle the wide_string_literal cases, that was easy to fix up.  However, there are a few places in the grammar that require string literal be exactly that - a narrow string literal.  Examples are #include "myfile" and extern "C".

That doesn't seem like a reason to scrap the plan.  All such places
need the spelling as they're going to do something with it, such
as check it is "C" or "C++" in the extern case.  Rather than check
the token type to be a narrow string, they simply need to check
spelling[0] is a single quote.


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