[cfe-dev] WIP patch for qualified-ids in class member access

James Porter porterj at alum.rit.edu
Mon Jul 6 21:27:14 PDT 2009

Hi all. I've been following the clang project passively for a little 
while, and figured it was time to start contributing a bit. After 
hacking around for a while to get familiar with the code, I took a look 
at the open projects list and settled on getting qualified name lookup 
for class members working in C++.

In the interest of making sure I'm headed down the right path, and that 
I'm not violating any obvious stylistic conventions in clang, I thought 
it would be a good idea for other people to look at my code. With that 
in mind, attached is the beginnings of a patch to add support for this 
feature, along with a test for the parts that work as expected so far.

Currently, the patch does not support qualified-id lookup for dependent 
types or for classes with an overloaded operator->. The latter should be 
straightforward to add, but the former is a bit trickier, since I'm not 
familiar with how clang handles class templates yet. There are also 
likely some bugs with handling templates inside the qualified-id, but I 
haven't had a chance to look at that yet. Finally, I haven't handled the 
actual lookup of the members, only the nested-name-specifier part.

Hopefully this patch is more-or-less correct, even though it's not 
complete yet. Comments are, of course, welcome (in fact, they're 

- Jim
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