[cfe-dev] Embyonic patch for type-alias

AlisdairM(public) public at alisdairm.net
Wed Jul 1 18:09:51 PDT 2009

Attached is a preliminary patch for C++0x type alias (but not template alias)

As this is my first feature, I would appreciate feedback on any issues with how I am structuring the code/design so I can clean it up before solving the outstanding issues.

I'm not sure how to package a new file, so my test case is attached separately.

Speaking of limitiations...

Known issues:
  General quality of error messages (recycling known Ids while trying to provoke errors)
  Does not give error for conflicting redefinition
  Does not support definition of anonymous types
  Erroneously allows function typedefs with exception specifications

My goal is to clean this up to be applied before weekend, so I can take a shot at full template alias next week, so any feedback that would help with that target would be much apprecaiated!

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