[cfe-dev] Is there a language/target option to specify the sign of 'int' bitfields?

Enea Zaffanella zaffanella at cs.unipr.it
Wed Jul 1 07:52:11 PDT 2009


According to the C99 standard (6.7.2p5):

"[...] it is implementation-defined whether the specifier 'int' 
designates the same type as 'signed int' or the same type as 'unsigned 

Similarly, in the C89 standard I have found:

"Each of the above comma-separated lists designates the same type,
except that for bit-field declarations, signed int (or signed ) may
differ from int (or no type specifiers)."

I have searched for a language or target specific option to specify this 
implementation-defined behavior ... but I found nothing.
Was I looking in the wrong places?
If not, are there plans to add such an option?

Thanks in advance,
Enea Zaffanella.

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