[cfe-dev] adding a new AST node class

Micah Heyer hacim.h at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 11:52:43 PDT 2008

	I have been rather excited about this project and have been keeping an
eye on it for several months,myself been some what of a PL
aficionado.I have tinkered around with the driver ,writing simple
programs such as building a AST from scratch.But I was wondering: how do
I add custom language features to the AST as if I was building another C
language variant? Is it possible to make a class inherit from the 'Stmt'
class and function properly without modifying the 'StmtNodes.def' and
If I understand right, the clang project is meant to be a highly
flexible collection of libraries to be used with c/c++/obj-c/obj-c++.But
has it been designed as to be extended for other languages in this
closely related family?
thanks in advance for your time.

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