[cfe-dev] A tool for generating reduced headers for test cases (delta debugging)

Nikita Zhuk nikita at zhuk.fi
Wed Jul 9 23:22:48 PDT 2008

On 10.7.2008, at 0.35, Ted Kremenek wrote:

> Here is my scripts to add to the pile.  Once must change the source  
> file in "detect_error.pl" (this is the source that includes the  
> header to be reduced) while "reduce.pl" takes as an argument the  
> preprocessed header you want to reduce (this file is included by the  
> source file).
> Both scripts rely on the delta-debugging scripts being in your path.
> I also saw that Nuno posted some scripts.  Hopefully from all these  
> scripts you'll find something that works for you.  If these scripts  
> prove useful, we should post them to the Clang website.

Thanks Ted and Nuno!

I'll try these scripts and report any results (hopefully by submitting  
some reduced test cases) in couple of days.

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