[cfe-dev] Static analysis and Adium

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Wed Jul 9 01:25:30 PDT 2008

Le 8 juil. 08 à 17:36, Ted Kremenek a écrit :

> On Jul 7, 2008, at 11:54 PM, Holger Schurig wrote:
>>> If anyone is interested in making the tool's output more
>>> polished, patches are certainly welcome.  I don't pretend to
>>> be an HTML guru.
>> I'm not actually sure if the analysis tool should produce HTML at
>> all. Maybe you simply produce text or XML as output. People can
>> than write their own tools to make a nice web page out of that,
>> if they prefer. Or if they prefer to use "grep", it would be OK
>> then, too :-)
>> This would allow you to focus on analysis (where you're good at)
>> and let others do the HTML things, if they need it.
> The HTML output is generated by HTMLDiagnostics, a subclass of
> PathDiagnosticClient that appears in the Driver.  The analysis engine
> just knows that it is interacting with a PathDiagnosticClient, and has
> no knowledge that the reports are being blasted to HTML.  This
> decoupling between presentation of bug reports and the generation of
> bug reports is intentional so that bug reports can be displayed or
> processed in multiple ways.
> If there is interest in doing XML or text output, all one would need
> to do is implement a new PathDiagnosticClient (and put it in the
> Driver).
> Patches welcome!
> Ted

I'm gonna works on an XML output. Is someone interested to do such  
thing too ?

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