[cfe-dev] FW: GSL 'make check' failure

Kelly Wilson wilsonkk at shaw.ca
Tue Jul 8 18:31:21 PDT 2008

Hello Eli,

Yep, it is one of the optimizations for llvm-ld because everything is fine
when I turn them off :( 

And we know it is a problem with the LLVM codegen because everything works
fine when using -native-cbe. 


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On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 11:38 AM, Kelly Wilson <wilsonkk at shaw.ca> wrote:

>Mmm... I'll have to work on this a bit more.  I actually tried
>compiling gsl myself; I ran into a bug with LLVM codegen for fabs, but
>that doesn't look like the issue you're running into. Everything seems
>to work after hacking around that issue.

>That said, I compiled with optimizations turned off (llvm-ld
>-disable-opt); your issue might actually be caused by an LLVM
>optimization pass.


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