[cfe-dev] Comparison of pointers between Objc subclasses

David Chisnall csdavec at swansea.ac.uk
Wed Jul 2 03:58:48 PDT 2008

On 2 Jul 2008, at 00:22, Ted Kremenek wrote:

> Are pointer type compatibility checks for assignments and conversions
> being handled in the same way?  I can understand why assigning a base
> type to a derived type is dangerous, but it seems to me that
> comparisons like these should be legal.  I'm only raising this point
> because the code snippet with the warning involved a comparison, not
> an assignment.

Comparisons between ObjC pointers should contain an implicit cast to  
id.  I tweaked CodeGen to do this  and sent the patch a month or so  
ago, but it wasn't an ideal solution since the problem is really in  
Sema, and it only fixed a few cases where Sema was doing almost the  
right thing but omitting the implicit cast.

Currently there are lots of Objective-C type-system related bugs in  
clang.  I hope to have some time in the next few weeks to be able to  
take a look at it.  The Objective-C type system doesn't map very  
cleanly to the LLVM type system, unfortunately, and there are lots of  
places where implicit casts need to be emitted but aren't.


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